Alpha warning

This is documentation for an experimental rewrite of py2app, and is not relevant for public releases of py2app.


The Py2app project provides tooling to create standalone application packages (“.app”) for Python programs.

This is a highly experimental and incomplete rewrite of py2app, instead to end up with a clean and testable codebase. This rewrite also switches to a separate configuration file for controlling builds.


It is not possible to install py2app-rewrite and py2app at the same time, both use the python package name “py2app”.

Release information

There are no releases of this project at this point in time.

Supported platforms

Py2app will be supported on macOS 10.9 or later, as well as Python 3.6 or later.

Support for earlier versions of Python and macOS might be added later. the need.

Py2app-rewrite Developement

Py2app development is hosted at bickbucket, in particular at <>.

Important resources: